About The Campaign

Share Some Love was created to capture and display the emotional, rawness and beauty of words – a personal message from one human being to another – within one of society’s most intense institutions, a Hospital. A place where life is celebrated, remembered and preciously held onto…the joy of a new baby into this world, the hope of a family surrounding their mum or dad during medical treatment through to the despair of losing a loved one.

Most importantly, the hearts send love beyond their message – all funds raised from Share Some Love will directly support Westmead Hospital funding new equipment, innovative care services and life saving research. Staff will be able to see and feel the gratitude of the patients they treat and their families.

It’s easy to for people to Share Some Love and give a heart…

As people walk through the main entrance of the Hospital, a nine metre long wall will greet them filled with information about the fundraising campaign: what it is, why people should get involved and how.

Your heart and its message is displayed on a large monitor on the wall in the main entrance to the Hospital here on the Share Some Love website. The recipient of your heart is notifi­ed via sms and email and the love keeps on giving if you share on social media. Plus, your love is permanent; you can search here on the website for your heart anytime.

With so many grateful patients and visiting families coming through the Hospital doors, plus the friends and family who can’t make it here but will be able to participate online – we’re hopeful we can capture this ‘love’ and create a swell of beautiful messages and happy wishes in a place that sometimes needs some brightening.


Hearts Available

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All proceeds go to Westmead Medical Research Foundation to fund new equipment, life saving research and care services.