Funding Research


We believe in the power and hope of medical research

History proves that with more funding enabling more research we can change the devastating effects of disease. Together we can help people living with disease today and invest into making the future healthier and brighter for our families.

Helping those living with disease today.

Westmead has hundreds of researchers looking for answers to a wide range of diseases, including (but not limited to) Australia’s biggest health problems: heart disease, cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes and mental illness.

The researchers at Westmead are focused on translating discoveries made in the lab to treat patients as quickly as possible – giving patients who are suffering today access to the most cutting edge treatments available.  Many patients benefit from receiving restored quality of life which disease has taken from them.

Help make the future healthier for our families

Before we receive new treatments or use medicine we have been prescribed by our doctor, passionate and dedicated researchers have spent years searching for the breakthrough that made them a reality.

Long term research has turned around the outlook of many diseases we live with today.

In the eighties and early nineties, a leukaemia diagnosis delivered a grim survival rate, as low as 20%.  Fortunately the survival rate for leukaemia has now increased to a phenomenal 80%, thanks to the miracle of medical research.

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All proceeds go to Westmead Medical Research Foundation to fund new equipment, life saving research and care services.